Talpur ‘inlay’ tulwar

Origin: Sindh

Date: 18th Century

Size: 34 inches in scabbard

Ref: SD18017

Price: SOLD

An impressive Tega sword with Sindhi hilt from the Talpur Dynasty, late 18th, early 19th century.

A large sword of substantial size with its open hilt decorated in true silver inlay with floral motifs rendered in negative space. The inlaid type decoration is favoured by collectors as it is a more difficult decorative process to execute than the more commonly found cross-hatched Koftgari overlay technique. Due to the inlay decorative technique requiring a higher level of craftsmanship and a more labour intensive approach, inlay hilts were produced in fewer quantities than the overlay Koftgari variety, making inlay hilts more sought after by collectors and connoisseurs.

The disc pommel is deep dished with a domed pommel, true to the Sindhi hilt form. Two undeciphered cartouche scripts are found on the upper side of each quillon.

The Pattern Welded Damascus steel blade is of true Tega form with a deeply curved wide blade spanning 50cm in width. The thick ricasso block section is stamped with a makers mark along with a 'Venetian eyelash' stamp. The yelman features a notch step, a small design detail that appeals to Tega enthusiasts.

The Tega comes with an expertly made leather over wood core scabbard with a solid silver chape decorated with the same floral and geometric design that is featured on the inlaid hilt.

An excellent example of a Talpur type Tega and a highly collectable sword.

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