Marwar tulwar

Origin: Marwar Region, Rajasthan

Date: 19th Century

Size: 36 inches

Ref: SD18011

Price: £1000

An interesting and collectable ’Tulwar’ sword with original Marwar hilt of similar type to item SD0012.

The large steel hilt is decorated with a thick application of silver overlay in scrolling floral design. An inscription in 'Marwadi/Marwari' is found on the underside of the pommel disk, which reads: “Sahanundaji Mahan da ni Maha Sabata…” the rest is yet to be deciphered. “Sahanundaji” is a proper name and “Mahan” means “someone of greatness or high status.”

The blade is well made and retains its original polish with a clean cut single fuller, some age wear to the blade but of no consequence.

Comes complete with its original leather over wood scabbard and silver chape. 

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